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At present, the ocean shipping industry is bound to search and compare global sailing schedule data in multiple ways like Excel spreadsheet, PDFs, emails, individual carrier websites, etc. leading to confusion and unwanted time investment. Each year, millions of vessel schedules change and make shipping more challenging for importers, exporters and freight forwarders. It is, indeed, a costly affair to manage all these sailing schedule changes for any party in the supply chain.

Sharp Ocean Schedules (SOS), www.sharpoceanschedules.com, provides a whole new view to the global sailing schedule search approach in the form of a single platform to the shipping industry by collating and aggregating global sailing schedule data from different sources at one place in a standardised and systematic structure.

SOS provides never before category of carriers on a single portal, i.e. Container, RoRo, Break-Bulk, Coastal, Feeders, Tramp from over 165 carriers, with 100,000 port pairs and still increasing.

SOS allows users to independently search schedules by Origin and Destination, by Vessel, by Port Pair or by Carrier. The global sailing schedule data is made available to users after thorough analysis to ensure completeness, accuracy and timeliness; hence the time which is typically spent on late, incorrect and missing sailing schedule data is saved. A structured and clean search result allows easy comparison between transit times, transhipment ports, arrival dates versus schedule plans, thereby avoiding scope for human errors!

The search results can be filtered through the choice of carrier by just clicking on the check box and the same can be emailed to any requesting party. The view button provides the full route of the service, mentioning the ports a particular vessel is calling during its journey.

SOS provides opportunities for every category of users. The Feeder Operator section gives visibility to other carriers or NVOCCs to see available feeder operators in their specific region and book slot space for their containers. NVOCCs can publish their schedules on Sharp Ocean Schedules and provide schedule clarity to their customers to choose from multiple options.

As a challenge, SOS also focuses on Tramp Service because trampers have no fixed routing, itinerary or schedule and are available at short notice (or fixture) to load any cargo from any port to any port. But since a service provider (tramper) must provide visibility to its customers, the SOS team is constantly monitoring and feeding the schedules for tramp vessels to provide visibility to their customers. The SOS team is continually looking for new tramp operators in the region and can be contacted at contact@sharpoceanschedules.com

Coastal shipping majorly contributes to the global freight modal mix. Hence, looking at the increasing importance of global coastal shipping, SOS has dedicated a section for Coastal Carriers, where all global coastal schedules are available by the port pair search criteria.”

Similarly, break-bulk freight transportation has a major role to play in the international trade industry as countries expand infrastructure and require these large cargoes for the development of things such as wind farms, power plants, highways, etc. Break-bulk service providers (carriers) looking forward to publish their sailing schedules to attract a wider audience can contact the SOS team.

In an industry that has lots of external factors, maybe the most important advantage as a customer one can generate, compared to other market players, is having the latest updated sailing schedules for oneself from a central location and receive scheduled data feeds via email or web services. Also, a freight forwarder can facilitate its customers to look up SOS from its website by publishing sailing schedules on its own branded website for its customers through white labeling.

With Sharp Ocean Schedules, one never has to gather and aggregate schedule data from different sources again. One will have 24/7 access to accurate schedule data from multiple carriers and all in one place as schedules are published as received by different sources.

www.sharpoceanschedules.com is easily accessible via mobile device. Besides, SOS’s Live Chat Feature answers queries instantaneously.

SOS is headquartered in Mumbai, India and is not affiliated with any carrier, informed a release..